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Welcome to our new client: Rainforest Supply

Shopping for organic goods can be a challenge. You question if the food you are eating is truly organic and comes directly from the source. Ibis Studio’s new client, Rainforest Supply eliminates any questions about the authenticity of your organic food and takes nature right to your table.

Who They Are
Rainforest Supply sells organic, wholesale superfood imported from the Amazon, such as maqui berry powder and other superfruits. Their scouts and explorers venture into the wilds of the world to bring back high-quality ingredients for bakers, food processors, flavor houses, and health-conscious individuals. In these efforts, they value all efforts from everyone overseas in the supply chain. This includes the farmers, berry pickers, logistics, packers, and fulfillment centers located in the US. Rainforest Supply promises its consumers a guarantee to find, supervise, and qualify all of their suppliers and vendors to ensure the best quality is provided.

​What We Do
In efforts to help build Rainforest Supply to their optimal level of success, we provide them with our state of the SEO and content creation services. We will be creating a series of blog posts matching the keywords and phrases corresponding with the unique brand of Rainforest Supply to generate more traffic and optimize their rankings in search engines. Our other content creation services include managing their social platform presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to target grow their audiences and bring future customers.