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Welcome Daniela Durazo to Ibis Studio!


We are thrilled to introduce yet another incredible addition to our list of accomplished clients, Daniela Durazo. Hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, having spent her formative years in Mexico City, and now a proud Miami local, Daniela brings a wealth of expertise as a Binge Eating and Body Image Coach. Her passion for transforming lives through coaching and therapy services is truly inspiring, and we are excited to share her journey with you. Keep reading to get to know her.

Who She Is

Meet Daniela Durazo, a licensed professional with a diverse background in culinary nutrition, coaching, and mental health counseling. Daniela is deeply committed to her private practice, offering coaching and therapy services to clients seeking support for body image, binge eating, eating disorders, anxiety, low self-worth, and impulsivity. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Daniela’s multicultural background enriches her approach to holistic well-being.

Her profound journey in the realms of body image and disordered eating/binging stands testament to her unwavering passion for transformative work. With a bachelor’s degree in culinary nutrition, Daniela’s career took root at Oliver Pyatt Centers, where she served as the executive chef for seven years. In this pivotal role, she crafted meal plans, led cooking groups, and provided crucial support to clients navigating anxiety surrounding food. Evolving beyond culinary expertise, she transitioned into the role of a recovery coach, guiding clients through meals, grocery outings, and anxiety-related challenges, and offering all-encompassing coaching through mindfulness and intuitive eating. Recognizing the significance of understanding the psychological facets of eating disorders, she pursued and earned a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, broadening her expertise.

What She Does

Her mission revolves around empowering individuals struggling with body image and disordered eating. Her expertise extends to coaching and counseling services, addressing not only eating disorders but also anxiety, low self-worth, and impulsivity. She is committed to helping clients break free from the shackles of food anxiety and body image issues. Through personalized coaching and therapy, she empowers individuals to unravel disordered thoughts and fears, fostering a healthier relationship with food and one’s body over time.

She also specializes in providing individuals with the awareness and skills needed to manage anxiety effectively, as well as building and nurturing self-esteem. By fostering a mindful approach, Daniela guides individuals toward a more balanced and peaceful state of mind, enabling them to regain control over their thoughts and emotions. Through personalized strategies and support, clients learn to make effective decisions, build meaningful connections, and cultivate a genuine liking for themselves. Daniela’s approach as a Body Image Coach is rooted in the belief that a positive self-image is foundational to overall well-being, promoting a lasting positive change in the lives of those she guides.

What We Are Doing for Her

In the realm of coaching and therapy services, a strong online presence is paramount. This is why we are happy to support Daniela in her mission to reach and help more individuals seeking guidance in their journey to well-being. Our team will be working on devising an SEO campaign tailored to enhance the visibility of her coaching and therapy services. This strategic approach will ensure that individuals actively searching for support with body image, binge eating, and related concerns can easily find Daniela’s expertise online, making her services accessible to those who need them most.

An SEO campaign specifically tailored to Daniela’s practice will boost the visibility of her website, making it easier for people to find valuable resources and connect with her services. As individuals navigate the digital landscape in search of solutions to their struggles with body image, binge eating, and related challenges, a well-optimized online presence ensures that Daniela’s transformative expertise is readily available and easily discoverable.

Welcome Daniela Durazo! We celebrate not just a professional but a compassionate Body Image Coach on a mission to transform lives. Her unique journey, rich in culinary, nutritional, and psychological expertise, reflects a deep commitment to well-being. We look forward to amplifying her impact through our SEO campaign, ensuring that her valuable coaching and therapy services reach and uplift those in need.