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E-Commerce Trends of 2020 and What to Expect for 2021 

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Compared to any year in history, the retail industry shifted more in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since in-person shopping has declined, e-commerce has grown over 129% since April along with a 146% increase in online orders. Shopping online became a new reality and experience many customers adjusted to. As more customers made this switch, more stores are focusing their efforts on an e-commerce design for their website. The intensity in retail competition has hit a new high. These are the trending strategies e-commerce development companies are using to help store better compete in this new environment. 

Commerce Customization

​Only the most successful e-commerce development companies advise creating a personal experience. The objective is for the customers to believe the website is reading their mind, but in a good way. Data is required in order to achieve this. Studies show 57% of customers are willing to provide personal data if the outcome advances their shopping experience. Personal data examples include purchase history, demographics, and page visits. These examples joined with other enriching data points can better recommend products and give special offers. When an e-commerce design tailors to its customers, it is proven they will spend 48% more on that website.

Commerce on Social Platforms

Social media became a center for digital marketing, and now became a hotspot for social commerce. Instead of stores directing customers from social platforms to the websites, they are giving customers the chance to purchase the items right from the platform. To enhance this strategy, social commerce is teaming up with social influencers. Recent years have seen companies considerable develop their influencer marketing budget by 67%. Celebrities and influencers draw in those online communities that keep growing at exponential rates. By utilizing their following, companies can drive sales through the roof when combining with social commerce. 

Commerce Interacting with Customers

​A common downfall to online shopping is the customer’s hesitation to click the purchase button. They ask themselves if the product they are buying will arrive as it appears on the website. A major factor of the personal experience is gaining the trust of the customer. For the customers to trust the company, product images with high-resolution must be a part of their e-commerce design. A few of these images may not be enough for customers. E-commerce development companies are now recommending complete 360 degree view of the product. The more information and imagery of the product, the more likely the customer is to purchase it.