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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best E-commerce Website Design

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Setting up an e-commerce website for your business is the right thing to do if you want to boost your sales and make it easy for your customers to shop online. You may already have an active business website and you are looking to add an e-commerce platform, and you want to build an online store from scratch. Either way, your online store design will largely influence the success of your online sales. Your online store design should embody the following factors:

1. Exhaustive Product List

It is unlikely that you will only sell one product on your online store. Therefore, you will need to figure out what products you want to sell on your e-commerce store. You will find that it is not as straightforward as you may initially think. Even before you call an e-commerce website design company to get things rolling, you should have a solid and well-planned strategy. Where will you get the products that you want to sell? Do you have a working relationship with the vendors? These are some of the questions your plan should answer. You should also consider the cost of getting the different products from the vendors and all associated expenses. This will help you create a detailed product list even before you post them on the online store.

2. Professional Images of the Products

You want to have high-quality images of the actual products you are selling displayed on your e-commerce store. Considering that these are the images that your online customers are going to view, they should be of the best quality. A good online store design should have an interactive and engaging interface that can support high-quality images. Product images with a high resolution will help you increase your conversion rate. When customers see a high-quality image of the original product that they are about to buy, they will have more confidence that they are buying the best quality. You should find a professional photographer, especially one with experience in product photography.

3. Payment Services

E-commerce website design should account for merchant services. What is the most convenient way for your customers to pay for the products once they shop in your online store? Today, most e-commerce stores utilize PayPal because of its customer-friendly terms of use. Additionally, it is easy to set up and link to your site. Regardless of the merchant service that you choose for your e-commerce platform, your online store design should make it easy for your customers to pay online without technical hitches. You should also guarantee the safety and privacy of their personal financial information so that they feel free to shop in your online store.

4. Pricing of your Products

Selling online may raise or reduce the cost of your products. You should take into account all the additional expenses such as shipping, handling, and delivery before you set a markup price. Since online customers have more time to compare prices between various e-commerce stores, your prices should be among the most

5. Live Chat

Your online store design should have a live chat to enable you to interact with your customers effectively. Customers want to know that you are available to answer any of the questions they have before making a purchase. A live chat is enough proof that you are dedicated to serving your customers as soon as they enquire. Today, a live chat is one of the fastest platforms to render customer service to your customers who visit and shop in an online store.

Your online store design accounts for a lot of important details that will break or make your online business. Not only should your e-commerce web design be appealing to the customers, but it should also be easy to navigate through and have an interactive interface. Remember that 94% of internet users cited web design as the main reason they rejected or mistrusted a website. You should trust the best web design companies for quality e-commerce website design services.

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