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Keyword Research: What You Need To Know To Get Started

seo strategyIt’s easy enough for retail businesses to manage the task of keyword research before they begin an SEO campaign, but other niche organizations might find it a little more complex. Nevertheless, it’s essential for anyone focusing on search engine optimization to start by doing some basic keyword research. Whether you’re managing the website for a retail clothing store, a doctor’s office, or a private school, your ability to conduct good keyword research will have an impact on the success of your SEO strategy.

So how can you improve your keyword research strategies? Here are a few quick tips that can be applied to any organization’s SEO campaign:

    1. Start with Google’s keyword research tool
      Many organizations choose to get help from a search engine optimization company, because Google’s keyword research tool can be a bit overwhelming for niche businesses. However, it can give you an idea about which keywords you’ll want to use in your content. It will also provide information such as average monthly search volume, general user demographic of the searches, and even geographical location.


    1. Don’t forget about long-tail keywords
      For a search engine optimization firm, hoping to get the number one spot for a keyword like “SEO” is a long shot. If you think about your typical search patterns, you probably search more specific terms, anyway. Instead of hoping to rank on “SEO,” it might be a better idea to focus on “SEO needs of private schools” because the search volume is lower, and because it’s something that people are actually typing into Google word-for-word.


  1. Remember to include geo-targeted keywords
    If local customers are searching for a business nearby, they’re more likely to search “Miami private school” than just “private school,” right? In order to rank for those local searches, you’ll need to use these phrases in your content. It may not always make perfect grammatical sense, but many SEO firms have developed sneaky ways to incorporate these keywords professionally and subtly. Local SEO is actually becoming more important by the year, too: 88% of consumers read online reviews before purchasing something from a business, and 72% admit that positive online reviews will convince them to trust a business.

Having a good SEO strategy is dependent on having a great keyword plan. There’s no way around it. When Americans are conducting at least 12 billion searches every month, it’s easy to see how keyword research can easily become overwhelming and confusing. But without good keywords, your content can’t exist!