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How To Market Your Business In A Post-pandemic Economy

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the market pretty hard. Small businesses, in particular, have been directly impacted by this global phenomenon. In the first nine months of 2020, small businesses lost 12 percent of their revenues, and thousands closed permanently. This was in large part because these businesses often rely on community-based channels, many of which were limited by the pandemic. But as widespread vaccination and economic activation are on the rise, small businesses are also rebuilding and readapting to new sales channels, the digital or online platform is a big one. Here are some insights on how to market your business after the pandemic.

Empathetic and supportive messages

After a challenging period that affected aspects of society, economy, culture, and health many people faced lots of misfortunes. In your brand messaging it is important to talk about the new opportunities that emerge after a dark period but also be real and not forget about the past. Your target audience should feel as if they are part of your world, your community, and that you are building and recovering together. Businesses should be sensitive to those affected by the pandemic, more human and less machine-like.  But also mention the challenges the community is facing, and how you can help.

Adapt to digital technology

Social distancing will not go away overnight, it is a process and as part of human evolution, new tools have emerged. Because of the pandemic, new shopping habits have been acquired, the most common being the online and digital platforms. For small businesses to succeed in rebuilding their commerce, they need to leverage digital technology. Online platforms and tools such as social media, websites, live streams, applications, and others have become a new way of re-engaging with customers. However, as you go digital be careful not to mimic what large companies are doing. Digital tools are great to boost community and social connection in times of crisis and renewal.

Customer experience

The truth is good customer experience is your competition. When Covid-19 hit the world, consumer expectations skyrocketed in terms of what companies could do for customers with a more digital experience. It might seem that through digital platforms, customer engagement is limited, but this is not true. There are many ways to use digital tools to maximize customer experience. Personalized emails, direct messages, follow-up of an order, etc.

Rebuilding a business after a harsh period is not easy, but the Pandemic opened new opportunities to market and connect with audiences despite the physical barrier. Using digital tools will definitely help you get your feet back in the market.

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