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How to Increase Amazon Product Sales through Google


Amazon has become an extremely popular e-commerce platform, with a 49% e-commerce market share in the United States. With this popularity, many folks come to this platform to buy various products, from high-end electronics to toiletries.

With this high demand for items, there needs to be a supplier. Luckily, Amazon allows almost anyone to sell their own products through their platform. On the flip side, this leads to a plethora of competition. Getting people to see your product on Amazon can be extremely difficult in this crowded marketplace, no matter how much you optimize your product listing.

You may find success in employing help from another massive search engine: Google. By ranking your product on Google (also known as doing SEO), you’ll be able to increase traffic to your sales page, increasing your sales and finally, your business and income.

Here’s how you can start ranking your Amazon product page on Google.


The first step in getting your Amazon product page to rank in Google is to make sure you have great, high-quality content on your page. World-wide, 72% of marketers agree that creating relevant content is the most effective SEO tactic. Google loves seeing lots of written content while creating captivating and enticing copy will help convert users to clicking that purchase button. To build this great content, here are a few tips:

  • Describe your Unique Selling Propositions (USPs). What makes you stand out from your competitors
  • Add many high-quality images of your product and of people using your product
  • Tell stories or give testimonials about your product
  • Show any signs of social proof, like if your product is recommended by someone important.
  • Add the benefits (instead of just features) that your customers will enjoy using your product. Especially include these in the “Product Features” bullet point.


Once you’ve built great content for your product page, it’s time to optimize it.

Any good SEO strategy starts with keyword research. The first step here will be to choose what keyword you want to rank on. You can use a variety of different tools, from free ones like UberSuggest to paid tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush. You’ll want to make sure that the keyword you choose shows buyer-intent (that the searcher is ready to buy your product, and not just looking for more information), has a high amount of volume, and lower competition levels. Remember, you have the power of Amazon’s site on your side, so even if the competition is higher, you still might be able to outrank the competition.

After choosing your target keyword, you’ll want to incorporate this throughout your listing. Placing this at the start of each section, your title, product features, description, and everything in between. You’ll want this keyword to appear in both your meta title and description on Google. Incorporate the keyword throughout your content, as well as any other keywords that you’ve found throughout your research process. This can help your listing rank for multiple keywords and help Google understand what your product is all about.


After completely optimizing your Amazon product page, it’s time to start building backlinks. While Amazon itself has a very high Domain Authority, you want to work on increasing your individual Page Authority. Doing this will help you outrank other Amazon products ranking on Google, on top of any other general results.

To start off, you should link to your product page directly from your own, indexed website. This will make sure that Google knows your product is there and can crawl to that page. After this, you’ll want to employ various link building techniques to build more links to your product page. Reaching out to blogs and review sites is a great option for this. Just make sure that you aren’t building too many affiliate links, as Google may penalize your page if there are too many. It’s important to keep building these links over time, as the more links you build, the more likely your product is to appear at the top of Google.


Once you’ve done all of these steps, and continue to optimize your page, you’ll no doubt see more traffic and sales come through Amazon. Be sure to keep putting effort into SEO techniques for your product page, on top of regularly performing competitive analysis to see how you are stacking up against the competition. If you need help improving your internet marketing for your product, don’t hesitate in finding a good digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO to help you maintain your product. This constant and consistent improvement will lead your product to stand out, on both Amazon and Google, giving you the profits that you desire.

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