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How To Boost SEO In Local Marketplaces

miami seo companyWhen someone uses Google to search a product or service, they will click on the first results, giving their business to the companies at the top of the results page. It doesn’t matter how good your business is if your search engine optimization (SEO) is poor. Local SEO is even more important, as you can target people who are searching for your service in your exact area. Hotspots for these digital marketing strategies stretch from Miami SEO experts to major companies in New York City. Whether you’re seeking the help of a Miami SEO company to boost your local SEO or trying to do it yourself, some common methods tend to work for every business.

Article Titles And Headlines

An important factor in SEO ranking is the title of an onsite article. When you’re attempting to rank on a certain keyword, putting that word or phrase in the title is an indication to Google that your content is relevant. If you’re working with a Miami SEO company to rank within the local marketplace, these Miami SEO experts will attempt to insert “Miami” and other relevant location keywords into your titles as well as the headlines in the webpage. Even having the keyword in lesser headlines within an onsite article will tell Google that your site is relevant. Titles are often given more weight because they generate a higher click-through rate, as users will be more immediately drawn to these titles.

Geotagged Images

Having a primary image attached to your onsite content and geotagged also generates a higher SEO ranking on Google. A geotag can give an image the relevancy of the location and the business you are attempting to rank. For example, “Miami SEO company” would hit the city you are targeting as well as the type of business you offer. When you geotag an image, you give Google reliable information that your specific business is located in that exact spot. As Google cross-references that information with your address, phone number, and business name across other places on the web, this consistency gives your business relevancy.

Trusted Reviews

According to a 2015 Search Engine Journal report, 72% of consumers cite positive reviews as a reason why they trust a business. Good reviews about your business also make Google trust it. If your local Miami business has negative reviews on major sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List, even the best Miami SEO experts would have a hard time boosting your SEO. Google has been known to discount links that are associated with poor, complaint-filled reviews.

When you’re trying to achieve a first page SEO ranking, the best place to start is your local marketplace. Target your city and surrounding areas to gain immediate business, and then expand outwards with the help of a successful SEO company.

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