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Gen Z Will Become the Largest Generation of Consumers by the End of 2020. Here’s How to Reach Them

Gen Z Digital Marketing

In the past couple of years, Millennials were the talk of the town in terms of how to attract them in a consumer setting. Now it is time for Millennials to step aside for Gen Z. Why focus on Gen Z? Because they are about to become the largest generation by the end of 2020 and will make up the majority of buying power. As the link between humans and technology, marketing to this generation is another game. This includes media platforms, authenticity, content creation, and building a new experience of engagement.

Go to their Home-Base

It is common knowledge that Gen Z is better known for its online presence. Differing from other generations, they prefer media platforms and streaming services to traditional communication and cable. When they enter these platforms, they already expect content to be provided for them in accordance with their personal wants and needs. In fact, 44% of this generation would share personal data if it meant a better, personalized experience. To reach Gen Z, enter their domains. By establishing a presence on different media such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc. marketers have a better chance of increasing their engagement with Gen Zers than using traditional methods.

Be Authentic

Gen Z is not interested in over the top campaigns. They prefer the ideals of self-expression and being unique. In their search for authenticity, they become more open to new concepts. They want to know what makes a person, a group, company, etc. who they are.
Implementing authenticity is about building a personal brand. What makes one company different from all the rest? Gen Z values a better understanding and importance of a personal brand above all else.

Content Creation

Once the personal brand is made, then it becomes about creating content around that brand. Previous generations valued the educational factor to content over entertainment. Gen Z, on the other hand, prefers entertainment before education. They appreciate being informed but do not hold it to such a high value. Instead, they factor in entertainment and humor into the equation of content they could be interested in. However, it can be a challenge to find a balance. Marketers will be required to conduct a fair amount of research and be willing to take a leap of faith.

Put Effort into the Experience

Another major difference between Gen Z and previous generations is how comfortable they are ordering online. Despite the popular belief that Gen Z only orders online, they actually prefer businesses that have both an online presence and a physical storefront. Being given the option to pick up in-store or able to buy a product online when the store lacks inventory are the kinds of options Gen Z is looking for. They do not only want an online option for products but the ability to have both. When providing multiple options to purchase products, Gen Z becomes more comfortable and will be more likely to become regular consumers.

Marketing to Gen Z

As opposed to all the generations prior, Gen Z is by far the most unique when it comes to marketing. Reaching and engaging them through authentic experiences through media platforms requires heavy research and effort from the marketers. Because providing a balance to content will not be easy, but it is not impossible.