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How to Choose the Best Internet Marketing Firm Possible

So you’ve begun your search for the best local Internet marketing or SEO (search engine optimization) agency to help your small business broaden its online presence. It probably started with a few simple web searches with queries like “Internet marketing Miami” or “Miami SEO firm.”

But when web users will form an opinion about a website in just 50 milliseconds, or 0.05 seconds, you shouldn’t go with just any SEO agency that shows up in a search for “Internet marketing Miami.” You want to be sure your new online marketing agency will be the best fit possible for your business.

Is your choice of an SEO agency the right one for your small business’ very unique needs? To find out, read this list of the three qualities that all SEO companies should share:

A small or mid-sized operation
For small, locally-focused businesses, a similarly small, locally-focused Internet marketing agency is the best choice. This is because most larger agencies only employ a handful of digital marketing experts, whose expertise is thus spread out over hundreds of clients. Access to this top-level expertise is often only reserved for the company’s top-paying clients. At smaller agencies, however, you will receive more attention from the agency’s experts.

An agency that has a specialization in working with your business’ niche
As the online marketing and web development industries have expanded over the years — about 141,400 Americans currently work in web development alone — so has the range of specialized services offered by these agencies. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to find an online marketing agency that specializes in working with your small business’ industry. From pharmaceuticals to finance, the range of SEO specializations is almost endless. In addition, hire an agency that offers mobile web design; 67% of online shoppers are more likely to purchase from a mobile-optimized website.

A strong record of positive reviews and case studies
The final thing your small business should look for? Reviews from the agency’s current and former clients. These can typically be found on the agency’s website; look for a “case studies” tab or something similar. As a rule, the number of case studies should be somewhat proportional to the number of clients the agency has.

Do you agree with this list? Have any other questions for us about the best Internet marketing Miami has to offer? Share your thoughts in the comments below!