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Don’t Make These 5 Common Web Design Mistakes

Designing your own website can be a perilous undertaking. You want your site to look professional and be easy for potential customers to use, but if you don’t have a lot of experience in web design services, your site can come across looking amateurish, and be a poor representation of your company.

Web users are impatient, and if a website is slow or difficult to use, they won’t return. Users mostly just skim websites, so they want to be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. Take a look at these common web design mistakes.

  1. Bad Search – Make sure your search feature is not too literal and is able to handle typos and other variants in query terms. Many people find info using search engines, and poor usability can be difficult for everyone, but especially elderly users.
  2. PDF Files for Online Reading – PDF documents wreck the reader’s flow, and they are very difficult to print and navigate. Make sure you convert any info on a PDF to a standard web page.
  3. Not Changing the Color of Visited Links – A good grasp of past navigation helps you determine your current location, and knowing past and present locations makes it easier to figure out where to go next. Differentiating the color of visited links, helps users find or avoid previously visited pages.
  4. Non-Scannable Text – A wall of plain text is boring and uninteresting to any reader, and often painful to read. Using highlights, bulleted points, and highlighted words helps break up a boring block of text.
  5. Fixed Font Size – Fixing the font size will usually make it pretty tiny, which is not very convenient for older users, who often like to increase the size of the text on their screens for easier readability.

The best web design companies can design your website for you, and they have the knowledge and experience to produce a quality website design. Web design companies can take one look at your site and tell you what’s wrong with it, and will help to make it right. You will be very satisfied with your web design agency when you see more traffic coming into your website, and more of that traffic turning into business. Web design companies are worth the price for what they’ll do for your business.