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Digital Marketing for Daycares

digital marketing services

Running a daycare in the digital age requires a substantial web presence. Online reputation, SEO practices, and utilizing social media will increase your enrollment and help your current clientele feel great about their choice in daycare. Here’s how digital marketing services work and what they do to build your daycare.


The best way to go about daycare advertising is a bit more subtle than you’d expect. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website and web presence to get your page ranked higher on Google. To build this ranking, you need backlinks around the internet with trusted sources that will lead people to your website. You also need relevant content to cater to your audience’s needs. And you need updated contact information, including your address, to ensure you come up on Google Maps. Having an aesthetically pleasing and functional web design also helps. According to, ninety-four percent of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website. Utilize professional digital marketing services to stay out of that statistic.

Maintaining a Good Reputation

Another important digital marketing tactic is maintaining your online reputation through reviews and other testimonials. You want to engage thoughtfully with your clients, whether they are satisfied with their experience or not. This adds a level of transparency, and for a business that operates by taking care of another couple’s children, transparency has an unquantifiable value. The more you engage, the stronger your rapport with your clients becomes. You are able to hear their feedback and seamlessly integrate positive changes. You can also use good testimonials on your website to show potential clients what they can expect.

Social Media

Social media offers you a chance to put a face with your brand. According to Edison Research, moms are one of the predominant demographics of people using social media, especially Facebook. You can use social media to show off your facility and staff. If you get the agreement of parents, you can also post videos or photos of activities and events you hold with the children. Again, this adds another level of transparency for parents who naturally want their children to be in the most caring hands possible.

Utilizing digital marketing services for your daycare can put your head and neck above the competition. It allows you to engage with your audience, optimize your web presence, and give transparency to caring parents. For more information on using digital marketing to grow your daycare, contact the experts at Ibis Studios today.