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5 Tips To Boosting Your SEO This Holiday Season

seo agencyAs the holiday season approaches, so do the masses of consumers searching for the web’s best deals and highest quality products. To make sure that your business comes up on the first page of results, you need to work with an experienced SEO agency as soon as possible. With the help of experts and by knowing these helpful tips, you’re sure to be the go-to business for your industry’s holiday needs.


  1. Make Your Keyword Strategy Holiday-Focused: By updating your keywords to make them seasonally relevant, your site will be more likely to come up in searches. Before you make any keyword changes, be sure to check your current rankings and analytics. There may be some pages on your website that are doing very well as is, and you won’t want to make any changes that could cause them to dip. For pages that need help, work with your SEO agency to integrate holiday-related terms into your keyword strategy.
  2. Create Holiday Content: The creation of relevant content is the most effective SEO strategy, according to 72% of marketers around the world. The key to creating SEO-effective content during the holidays is to ensure that it relates strongly to your business and the season. For any business that sells products and services that can easily be given as gifts, this content creation will be slightly easier. For those that don’t, try redesigning certain web pages with a seasonal theme. In any case, writing holiday-themed blog posts and crafting digital gift guides are a great way to draw online attention during the holiday season.
  3. Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly: Consumers are starting to use smartphones and tablets for online shopping more than their computers, and you want to make sure that your website is ready for that. Any consumer can be easily deterred from buying your product if they have difficulty purchasing it on their mobile device, even if they are extremely interested in what you offer. Work with your SEO agency to ensure that your mobile site looks good, is responsive, and loads quickly.


The holiday season is a major opportunity to optimize your digital marketing strategies as much as possible. This year, be sure to take these steps as soon as possible and you’ll see the holiday traffic start to pour in.