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3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Position Their Brand to Dominate Voice Search

Voice assistants like Alexa have recently entered the market to help make people’s lives easier. Yet, many people still haven’t used them. However, as their popularity grows, businesses who have made themselves search friendly with voice search will be ahead of the game. It is critical that you figure out how to position get your content ranked high now in order to get a head start on the competition. Here are three ways that entrepreneurs can position their brands to dominate voice search.

Focus On Featured Snippets

Voice assistants love to answer questions. If you can optimize your content creation with a brief explanation, it will be more likely to get read to the user as a featured snippet. Focus on creating short paragraphs less than 50 words long that answer a question your customer may have. Lists and tables can also work well. Keep your content language simple and easy to understand and use a targeted keyword.

Increase Your Bing Ranking

Alexa uses Bing’s search engine to pull up information. Websites who rank higher on Bing’s search engine are more likely to have their content read out loud by this particular voice assistant. You can use Bing’s Webmaster Tools to assist you with your search engine optimization ranking.

Think about Google Quick Answers. In the early part of 2016, the use of Google’s Quick Answers reached over 40% in search results. Google would pull answers to questions asked by users from the first five search engine results. The same type of algorithm is being used when users ask questions to Alexa. If you want your answer to be the one Alexa reads, you will need to jockey yourself into one of the top five spots for your specific subject.

Consider Alexa Skills

Alexa Skills helps users download specific skills to their device, along with tips and updates related to that skill. If you can teach your customers a specific skill set, it will help establish yourself as the authority to go to on that subject matter rather than your competitors. Owning key phrases within Alexa Skills is an absolute must.

Voice search technology is quickly gaining ground as a way for customers to find specific information quickly and easily. Dominating voice search now will put you miles ahead of your competitors and establish you as an authority in the eyes of consumers. By following these SEO tips, you will be able to reach new potential customers faster with your content.