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3 Reasons Why a Social Media Plan Is Crucial for Your Business

Social media marketing is one of the most useful strategies a business can employ. It allows a company to use different platforms to get their word out to numerous different groups of people.

As a business, it’s extremely important to have a plan in place when using social media for marketing purposes. There are so many reasons a business would need to have their own social media strategy. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Lack of Strategy Can Help Your Competitors

It’s rare to find a group, company, or organization that doesn’t utilize social media in some form. When those groups have a social media plan, they have a clear direction. They are using their social media to get to that specific point. By simply using social media without having an idea of where you’re going with it, how do you expect to know if things are working or not? It’s important to sit down with your team and figure out what you plan to do with your platforms so others can’t beat you and gain a larger following. For example, make sure you’re actually thinking about the hashtags you’re using on Twitter. When considering this digital strategy, you’re ultimately thinking about which groups of people you want to reach with that one tweet. If you use the wrong hashtag, there’s a chance that you will not be reaching the correct audience, giving your competition a leg up.

Each Platform Has Influencers

It’s important to understand how viable influencers are to your company. Many retailers find that most of their traffic is related to how customers speak of their brand and how much those influencers put out on their social media platform about the brand. When sitting down and figuring out who the bests influencers are on each platform, you can decide how you want to approach them. If you offer them perks and products, they are more likely going to speak highly of you to their family, friends, and followers.

People Buy Things Because of Social Media

The Animoto’s The State of Social Video 2017 report said that 64% of consumers made a purchase after watching a marketing video on Facebook in the last month. With that being said, many consumers tend to purchase a product because they saw it advertised on social media or talked about in another way. They may see their friends talking about the product and go out and buy it for themselves. If they see someone they trust talking about something, it must be a good product. Peer recommendations are extremely influential, especially during the holiday season.

Having a social media marketing plan not only helps in terms of marketing and advertising your business, but it’s also a great way to bring new customers in via the word of their peers.