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2 Things to Pay Attention to if You’re Not a Marketing Genius

There is no secret weapon when it comes to marketing your company. For most businesses, their success (or lack thereof) is contingent on what they believe works for them. That’s the nitty-gritty unfortunate truth about marketing: there’s no set way to go about it. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you should give up on promoting your business altogether. Now is the time for you to begin finding what strategies produce results and which ones are leaving you high and dry.

If you’re going to start testing some of these bad boys out, you should probably become familiar with a few of them first. It’s also a good point to remember that just because it’s a successful technique for some, doesn’t mean it will be for you. You’ll almost always need to revisit your campaign to adjust, so don’t confuse this one battle for the war.


If this comes as a surprise to you, then you should probably hire an agency to handle your campaign(s). This is never a bad idea in any case, but if you’re tackling this on your own and using Google to your advantage wasn’t the first thing on your list then you might just be too far out of your league on this one. Fortunately, Google is one of the best and most commonly used weapons any company can have in their arsenal. Whether you’re a fortune 500 company or a startup with less than a year under its belt, Google is a game changer. So, the takeaway from this section would be to capitalize on Google’s offers and services. Monitor mobile SEO, ranking, local SEO. All of them. And continue to monitor them so you don’t fall behind. Google updates its algorithm (which ranks your site) an estimated 500 to 600 times each year.

Social Media

Again, if it’s news, you’re in trouble. One of the best methods of online marketing (and if you haven’t noticed, most marketing is online) is to have a grade A social media presence. However, that doesn’t mean you have to dominate all of the platforms, which many will attempt to convince you as being necessary. Having a profile on all of these sites is helpful sure, but if 98% of your targeted demographic is on Instagram then why would you spend time working on Linkedin? That isn’t to say you should abandon the other platforms; demographics change as does the popularity of social outlets. The key here is to make a presence on a few sites while focusing most of your efforts on the site with the majority of your customers. Pay attention though, if that demographic starts to dwindle or cut off completely you’ll need to change your game plan at the drop of a hat.

In order for your marketing campaign to be successful, you need to explore all possible avenues, not just these two. These are to get you started thinking in the right direction. Although using a professional agency can be an extremely beneficial asset to any campaign.