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3 Reasons Quality Web Design is Crucial to Any Business’ Success

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The Digital Age that we currently live in has brought about countless changes to the way in which the world operates. Businesses large and small have had to adapt and change in order to fit into this new world dominated by content marketing, website development, and search engine optimization services. Otherwise, they risk being left behind.

To someone new to the digital and online marketing world as it is today, these things probably sound like jibberish, but those familiar know just how important things like web design have become. In fact, the quality level of web design is a good place to start for people with knowledge and complete novices as it is the backbone of any businesses online presence.

Here are three reasons why high-quality web design is so important to the success of virtually any business in the 21st century.

    1. Time is Fleeting: We live in a society where people want things faster, easier, and better than ever before. There’s probably no field where this holds more truth than in the digital/online space. According to MarketProfs, searchers spent just under two seconds, on average, viewing a listing in 2005. That number fell to 1.17 seconds in 2014, and some estimates say that it takes the typical user no more than 0.05 seconds to form an opinion on your website. At a time when getting people to stop and look at what you have is becoming increasingly difficult, it’s more important than ever to present them with quality, aesthetically pleasing web design to give yourself any shot.


    1. Professionalism and Trust: Going along with attracting someone’s attention is the fact that you want to attract it for the right reason. If they remember your web design because it was a terrible mess, that’s no better than being entirely forgettable. What your web design looks like can go a long way in how people view your level of professionalism and ultimately if they trust you or not. In fact, 94% of people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website.


  1. Google Friendly: There is a lot that goes into ranking highly on Google, but one of the basic things you’re going to want is good web design. Believe it or not, Google has a way to continuously “crawl” the web and figure out what it is your website is about/trying to sell etc. The easier and more helpful you are to them, the better chance you have of ranking favorably. This includes not just the physical appearance of the website, but also things that go on behind the scenes like meta tagging, URL slugs, and good intra-site linking.

Whether you run an established business or a brand new startup, the sooner you get on-board and invest in quality website and design services, the better chance you have of driving traffic and increasing revenue.