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3 Reasons SEO for Doctors is as Important as Any Other Business

online marketing for doctorsSearch engine optimization, or SEO services, are increasingly becoming the way in which marketing, advertising, and self-promotion are done in this age of technology and mobile smartphones. Having a good SEO strategy can mean the difference between a company “treading water” and actual growth. In fact, of the 12 billion searches that are performed in the U.S. every month, on average, approximately 60% of all organic clicks go to the top 3 organic search results, according to Business2Community.

What many people fail to realize is that SEO and content marketing is not just beneficial to traditional “money making” businesses. Retail shops, restaurants, and law firms aren’t the only businesses that need to attract new clientele. Medical SEO can have a big impact on the growth of offices large and small. Whether it’s finding new people moving to the area, expanding/new services, or poaching from other physicians, being on top in the online realm through SEO for doctors is important. Here are a few reasons why.

    1. Attract New Primary Patients: The number one reason SEO for doctors can be helpful increasing their exposure in the local community and attracting new potential patients who may end up choosing them as their primary care physician. Nowadays, when people are on the hunt for something, they typically turn to the Internet to find it. According to the Pew Research Center, 72% of adult Internet users say they have searched online for info about health issues. Whether they’re a new resident or a long-time local that’s in the market for a new doctor, being at the top of the search can lead to a growing patient base.
    1. Out-of-Towners/Visitors: While regulars seeking primary care may be the bulk of what many doctors see, there are also folks from out of town who need medical care. Unfortunately, accidents/illnesses happen and finding a doctor becomes imperative. The first place most people will look is to the Internet to find a doctor nearby. According to Search Engine Journal, “near me” searches have increased 34 times since 2011, so doctors looking for a big bump in web traffic would be wise to invest in SEO for doctors.
    1. Improve Brand and Reputation: In addition to attracting new patients, good SEO practices simply make your website/online presence look and feel better. From the design/layout to informative content, many people will judge your reputation and gauge the level of trust they have on these qualities.

The world of digital marketing can have benefits for virtually any industry, including SEO for doctors. These are just a couple of the most important reasons why.