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3 Important SEO Tips for 2018

seo tips

When it comes to online marketing, one of the best tactics your business can use is search engine optimization, or SEO. It can be an intimidating task to accomplish and it is in no way a quick fix. SEO takes time and there are certain rules that you should follow. Whether your business is big or small, here are a few SEO tips for 2018 to help your site rank higher.

Pick the right keywords
Choosing essential keywords isn’t a new aspect of SEO and has always been important. Your keywords are specific to your business and are essential to the relevance of your site. That means that attempting to do anything SEO related without determining your keywords will almost always result in a failed campaign. Picking the right keywords isn’t always easy but there are a few tips to finding the right ones. Add action phrases to your keywords, such as “for sale.” You’ll also want to add some that are geo-specific to your location and add a few long-tail SEO keywords as well.

Content SEO
You shouldn’t forgo on-page SEO tactics. Adding relevant keywords to your content can be a great way to drive traffic. Mentioning a specific keyword between two and four times is recommended by most SEO experts but remember, overstuffing is always bad. Adding a keyword too many times in a post will create a red flag for google and won’t help your rankings. Fitting your keywords into your content organically is important but there are a few places you should be sure to add your keywords as well. Adding them to your title, meta description, URL, and any H1 or H2 tags.

Track your progress
The biggest SEO tip that anyone could give you is to always to track your data. Granted, 72% of marketers around the world state that creating relevant content is your most effective SEO tactic but you can only know that your content is relevant by tracking your data. Use what you find to tweak your strategy and your keywords.

There are many SEO tips that could help your strategy be successful but you could always be better off working with a professional digital marketing agency. They can help you nail down your SEO and get your site to rank higher.

If your SEO strategy needs some reworking, then call us today.