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What really is digital marketing and how does it benefit your business?

The term “digital marketing” is very popular nowadays. Since we live in a digital world (cellphones, computers, AI, Metaverse, NFTs, online payments, etc.) it is very easy to confuse this term with social media, communication, or other channels. In simple terms, digital marketing is data-driven and targeted brand promotion through technology. It is a way to bring and increase sales and customers to a business. This is done by implementing certain strategies and tactics such as brand positioning on search engines, building a community through social media, having a website to communicate and showcase your business online, etc. But don’t be fooled, anyone can say they know about digital marketing, however, it requires a professional to really make magic happen.

What is digital marketing?

Despite being increasingly relevant, many business owners still struggle to master the fundamentals of digital marketing. Digital marketing is a form of marketing that uses the Internet and online-based digital technologies to promote products and services. Services inside this practice include search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media posts, etc. Digital marketing also delivers measurable results in real-time and campaigns can be highly targeted.

How digital marketing benefits businesses

A good digital marketing professional or agency will make sure to develop a brand in a way that generates leads or purchases and ultimately converts potential customers into clients. Digital marketing has minimal upfront cost compared to traditional media, therefore it’s an excellent cost-effective marketing technique for small businesses. A skilled digital marketing strategy will position your company as a market leader through tactics such as content creation, thus establishing your brand authority and expertise online. One of the most significant benefits digital marketing provides is a steady and reliable boost in your return on investment (ROI). And higher ROI means higher profits.

Types of digital marketing services

There are various digital marketing services available for small businesses and large enterprises. Choosing the right type of service is crucial in a digital marketing strategy. The most important include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This service focuses on driving traffic or optimizing your website by creating high-quality content and using relevant keywords. The right SEO strategies will help you get your website to eventually appear on top of search engine results pages (SERPs)and attract more potential customers.
  • Social Media: Social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter helps promote a business. The purpose of this service is to connect and engage with your target audience. Each social media platform has unique pros and cons. It is therefore important to choose one that is perfect for your brand goals, needs, and target audience.
  • Content marketing: A strategy based on the creation of relevant and valuable content for a target audience. The goal of content marketing is to attract leads that ultimately convert into customers by offering value for free in the form of blog posts, newsletters, infographics, whitepapers, etc.
  • Mobile marketing: This strategy allows you to engage with your target audience on their mobile devices via mobile app alerts, social media notifications, SMS and MMS messages, and more.

An experienced digital marketing agency will execute the most modern and effective strategies in order to provide the best possible results. So, if you are looking to grow your audience, compete against your rivals, reach the right people anywhere in the world, and increase sales contact a professional digital marketing agency. At Ibis Studio we focus on making your business grow, contact us today to learn more!