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What Latin America’s Digital Marketing Strategies Tells us About SEO

In a recently published article in the Harvard Business Review titled “How Marketing is Evolving in Latin America,” Nataly Kelly writes about the rapidly evolving web marketing climate in Latin America. By 2020, Kelly reports, almost one out of every ten dollars of the global economy will come from Latin America.

With the fourth largest mobile market in the world, this comes as no surprise. Research shows that an estimated 50% of cell phone users use their phone as their main source of internet, and 67% of shoppers report they are more likely to make an online purchase from websites that are compatible with their mobile devices.

In the Latin American region, there is a rapid rate of adoption for social and mobile content. In part, visual projects such as video content has been prioritized by 17% of Latin American marketers, compared to a less significant 11% in North America. Visual projects can often be the greatest asset and obstacle in web marketing, as consumers are inherently visual creatures. It takes less than 50 milliseconds for an individual to form an opinion about a website, and 94% of users attribute reject or mistrusting a website to poor web design.

Latin America’s evolving web market can also be attributed to their focus on digital content and search engine optimization marketing. According to research, content marketing can result in up to a 40% increase in revenue.

Through the ways in which Latin America’s digital marketing presence is evolving, it is easy to see the importance of SEO marketing and social media marketing. Latin America provides a great model for North American business owners looking to expand their businesses through web marketing, an increased internet presence and search engine optimization.

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