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Welcome back HARMATH!

We are happy to welcome back HARMATH, leaders in providing industrial refrigeration solutions. A few years ago, we had the opportunity to work with them to create and design their existing website. We are glad to welcome them back and are excited about helping them once again create a new website and give it a new look. Keep reading to get to know more about HARMATH, Inc.

What they Do

HARMATH, Inc. is an American company with more than 40 years of experience that has been providing solutions in manufacturing and installing machinery, industrial equipment, and refrigeration for the agriculture, food & beverage, hospitality, and healthcare industries as well as different branches such as chemical, mass-consumption, services, storage, etc. Their goal is to achieve maximum efficiency on refrigeration equipment and air conditioning systems to increase production capacity, reduce energy consumption, and reduce operational costs for small, medium, and large businesses. HARMATH also provides all the necessary tools to facilitate the success of their customers through the application of service products and by employing environmentally friendly techniques. Their services include industrial HVAC/R maintenance and repair; project design and consulting; transportation of your equipment; and manufacture and installation.

Who they Are

HARMATH, Inc. is an American engineering company with two generations of experience and more than 40 years of providing refrigeration solutions to clients like Heinz, Colgate, Pfizer, Kraft, Eurosuits, Intercontinental, P&P Constructing, and more. They have a large staff of engineers, technicians, and specialized personnel, trained and certified in the different areas of their services. When it comes to installation, HARMATH has no limit on refrigeration ton capacity installation. They also design custom equipment based on their client’s needs and adapt the machinery to the customer’s budget and physical space. HARMATHalso provides industrial HVAC/R maintenance services that may be scheduled weekly, biweekly, monthly, per contract, or upon client request. If you need maintenance services done by highly qualified technicians, you now know whom to contact!

What are we doing for them?

A few years ago, our team at Ibis Studio designed HARMATH’s website, and now they have requested our services to make a full redesign. And why is this important? Things change over time and creating a new website can be better to demonstrate the current style of a brand. Just like fashion trends, websites, too need to follow certain trends in design as well as usability. After all, a company’s website is like its face, and it must look appealing as well as function correctly to bring in customers. According to industry standards in website development, a web design should be updated or recreated every 2 to 3 years. Beyond just aesthetics, redesigning a website helps nurture leads and get more conversions. More importantly, it provides a good user experience and helps visitors access to navigate the website with ease.

HARMATH, welcome back to the Ibis family! We love being able to work with companies that help other businesses thrive, as well as care about the environment with environmentally friendly products and techniques. With a strong group of engineers, HARMATH, Inc. can provide you with an all-inclusive refrigeration service. We invite you to check them out!