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The Zen Spot

The Zen Spot in a boutique spa and holistic center located in the heart of Coral Gables dedicated to providing the best service in energy healing, floating yoga, reflexology and more. Recently the spa opened its door to the public, in which the Coral Gables’ mayor James Cason participated as a special guest.

Months before the official opening, The Zen Spot partnered with Ibis Studio to expand their web presence through integrated digital marketing, and to design their website.

Since The Zen Spot was a new business in the area, surrounded by many already established competitors, it was required to implement an aggressive campaign to position the business atop of the searches in Google and local directories, drive traffic to the website, and maximize conversions.

The Solution

We implemented an SEO setup plan for The Zen Spot to drive targeted web traffic and create significant leads. We also implemented a platform where the client can track the customer’s conversation with representatives, to classify the leading calls, and also improve the service and user experience.

As a result, Ibis Studio’s integrated marketing strategy elevated The Zen Spot presence above competitors and positioned it as a top leader in the local business. With a high number of leads coming directly from organic search traffic.