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Chicken Brasa

Perhaps what makes stand Miami over the rest of the U.S. cities, besides the weather, is the influence of Latin cuisine in almost every kitchen in the city. Rich in nutrients, flavors, and variety, Latin dishes are among the healthiest. And if we talk about healthy lifestyle, Miami is the mecca. Following the wave, Chicken Brasa opened its doors in the heart of South Beach, offering a wide variety of platters, combos, and sides. all cooked and seasoned to perfection.

Chicken Brasa teamed with Ibis Studio to create a website that covers all the visitor needs and project the dynamism of the business. The brand-new business also required the implementation of a strong campaign in the main local directories to gain position in the local market, and engage with new customers.

The Solution

As a response, we developed a fresh, vibrant site, with a selection of crisp images that reflects the spirit of the company. The website was conceived with an intuitive interface, easy to navigate both in desktop and mobile version, attending to the target demography they are focused on. We also integrated an ordering platform, so clients don’t miss the chance to have their favorite meals right at their doors.

We continue working with an intensive local marketing strategy that has brought positive results, giving new clients the change to choose Chicken Brasa as one of the best options in healthy meals.