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National small business week: how digital marketing helps your business thrive

digital marketing

Small businesses have been the heart of America’s growth since the first settlers arrived. After all, this is the land of dreams and opportunity, where anything’s possible. This is why National Small Business Week is such special and important to celebrate. Small businesses account for 99% of all the businesses in the U.S., however, more than 50% of them fail during the first year. If you are an entrepreneur or thinking of opening a small business, here are some benefits and reasons why digital marketing can help you thrive.

1. Makes it easier for customers to discover your business

Nowadays it’s very common for customers to use Google as their main source of information. This means that many users use search engines to find a business or information related to a certain product or service. Therefore, if your small business is not listed online, chances are customers will seek out one that is. A digital marketing agency can actually help you get found by potential clients through tactics such as setting up a Google My Business account or creating an SEO campaign.

2. Allows for greater audience reach

Digital marketing strategies are not only less expensive but also have greater potential reach than classic strategies. Digital ads, for example, are far more cost-effective for small businesses than traditional billboards or banners. Since most potential customers use mobile devices, tactics like social media marketing or email marketing, and other digital marketing channels help meet those customers wherever they are. Online marketing can reach anyone, anywhere, even on a global scale, thus helping you reach more people.

3. It helps achieve higher revenues

As far as driving sales, digital marketing is one of the best tools for entrepreneurs and small business owners. It allows for different strategies as well as channels, such as creating SEO and lead generation campaigns, social media campaigns, and even refining your audience based on interest, age group, and country. By having a website, online store, or landing page your business can drive sales.

4. It prepares your business for a worldwide online ecosystem

The “Internet of Things” – a global ecosystem of networked items that can communicate with one another through the Internet – will saturate all parts of people’s life. This means that each year more and more devices like tablets, smartphones, gadgets, and appliances will be used by people all over the world. Therefore, in this era, survival demands being a part of this joined grid, which gives you a portal to targeted consumers who are part of it as well. Using digital marketing will help your business be more prepared for the Internet of Things.

During this National Small Business Week, we celebrate all the individuals with big ideas, entrepreneurs, self-employed, and those with startups. We know that having a small business might not be easy, but it’s important to keep going and not lose momentum. Through digital marketing strategies and campaigns, your business can scale up its operations. If you’re interested in hiring a Digital Marketing agency or learning more, contact us to today!