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In the Realm of SEO Content Remains King. But Not All Content is the Same.

SEO ContentPowerful, compelling content is the cornerstone of any effective search engine optimization (SEO Content) strategy. As a provider of SEO in Miami, it’s also the foundation of our SEO services; our team of writers custom-write articles and blogs that contain client keywords. The articles are then distributed across social networks, RSS aggregators, and other channels to boost exposure.

But not all content is the same. Which brings us back to the importance of “powerful” and “compelling” content. What do those terms, in reality, actually mean?

Well, first, powerful content isn’t repurposed or copied from other sites. Search engines recognize this unseemly practice and punish firms accordingly. Secondly, good content provides information that users not only need, but can act on. Such content also provides new information that can’t be provided elsewhere.

Creating powerful content is more of an art than a science. Let our professional team of experienced writers help build a blog that will optimize your SEO efforts.

Have You Fully Embraced Local SEO-Search in Miami? If Not, 2013 is the Year to Do It.

Search remains the primary way for customers to find your firm. Furthermore, studies suggest that 75% of users don’t bother to scroll to the second page of first results. The takeaway? Getting your business on the first page of search results is more important than ever, and search engine optimization (SEO) remains the best way to do it.

It doesn’t get any easier from there. Do a search on “SEO” in Google News and you’ll see dozens of articles a day highlighting new strategies and tactics to improve your search results. The fact of the matter is that effective SEO is predicated on a handful of principles: compelling content, sound keyword selection, consistent blogging and social media sharing, etc.

SEO in Miami can be very rewarding for local firms precisely because they are locally-based. After all, if you’re a bakery in Miami, you won’t be trying to reach customers in Atlanta. This reality further underscores the importance of intelligent keyword placement.

If you’ve yet to fully embark on SEO or have tried and are unimpressed with the results thus far, give us a call.