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IBIS New York Client Opens Its Doors In Palm Beach

Keep it Up - New York City

Who they are

IBIS client, Keep It Up, is one of the top high-end cleaning companies New York City has to offer. They are devoted to providing magnificent services while also taking care of our environment. To serve customer needs, they proudly supply several environmentally sound cleaning solutions and techniques, only using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) authorized eco-friendly products. All of their products are designed to clean any type of surface, whether on residential or commercial properties, without the worry of compromising on integrity or quality.

Expanding to Palm Beach 

At the beginning of this year, Keep It Up expanded their services to Palm Beach Florida. They decided it was time to refer their services and products to second home New Yorkers who wanted and needed the same luxury quality cleaning services that are not available in the Palm Beach area.

What we do

Here at Ibis Studio, we strive to make our clients successful. That is why we ensure Keep It Up’s content marketing is always up-to-date. We designed their websites for the last 10 years, we write 4 monthly blog posts custom tailored to fit the interest of Keep It Up’s audience. We use 4 of the major social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter to research, combine and publish content crafted to Keep It Up’s target audience, at the time of the day that will create the most possible engagement.


Are you interested in obtaining the top cleaning services you can possibly get? If the answer is yes, do not hesitate and give Keep It Up a visit. Their philosophy commits to enlarging their efforts to provide a complete cleaning service, surpassing customer satisfaction, and using safe eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques. That’s their pursuit of perfectionism.