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How Content Marketing is Evolving

content marketing

Not a day goes by that the vast majority of people around the globe are surfing through content on the internet. As people get more used to traversing the online world and younger generations who’ve been using the internet since a young age who have already learned the ins and outs of the web grow, sites will have to figure out ways to improve their content marketing in order to grab user’s attention more efficiently.

Everyone will visit multiple pages while surfing the web, and many will be glossed over and thrown to the waste side. A large part of this can be due to the layout of the page. Approximately 48% of internet users cited a website’s design as the biggest reason they mistrust or reject a website.

Having a good design is made even more important for content marketing considering that it takes no longer than 50 milliseconds, roughly 0.05 seconds, for a web user to form an opinion about a site. Simple aspects such as color spectrum, layouts, and even any pictures that might be present could hold an enormous amount of weight on a user’s initial perspective.

In recent years, a new habit has developed alongside the prevalence of mobile web browsing. People don’t spend a minute without their phone in their hand or somewhere on their person; for many it feels like an extra appendage. While people are on the go they now have the ability to browse the internet on their mobile device and expect webpages to be available to them.

Even for shopping purposes, 67% of consumers were more likely to buy a product from a website when it is compatible with a mobile device. More and more companies are now making an effort to create another platform of their sites to accommodate mobile users. It’s just one more step for content marketing to keep up with in the radically evolving world of the internet.

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