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Four Tips for Running a Successful SEO Campaign

Four Tips for Running a Successful SEO CampaignIn today’s Internet marketing landscape, it’s all about going organic. No, that doesn’t mean picking up fruit from the hipster who runs the trendy little health food shop down the street (although that’s not a bad option, either). This kind of organic targets users’ web browsing habits, and attempts to provide them the absolute best search results they can possibly get.

A good search engine optimization company makes this happen through a steady stream of high-quality content, social media strategies and highly engaging web design. You got all that? Though you might feel overwhelmed at first, don’t worry. Keep these four tips in mind when you’re trying to run a successful and, er, fruitful SEO campaign.

The search to end all searches

Did you know that major search engines account for 88.8% of all web traffic? If you did, you’re probably running a highly successful search engine optimisation company right now. If you didn’t, you definitely have some catching up to do. The Internet age has provided new and exciting avenues for companies to expand their marketing, and one of the most effective ways of getting discovered is through SEO. Of course, you’re not likely to find success simply overnight. It’s all about…

Catching eyes with great web design

Look, it won’t matter how clever your copy is, how glamorous your photos are or how engaging your blog posts are — if customers can’t successfully navigate your page, you can kiss their business goodbye. You want them to feel at home as soon as they click on your homepage, so you’d do well to ensure your designers and developers are tip-top. If they’re not, you could always look into professional web design services to do the job for you. Besides, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the design industry will grow 22% by 2020.

Mobile-friendly apps and web development

Speaking of growing industries, take a look at your mobile site. Are you still suffering through long page load times? That should be your first priority when it comes to working with a search engine optimisation company. As mobile web users continue to grow (there was a 17% increase from 2011 to 2012), they’re constantly on the prowl for information at their fingertips, but they won’t settle for long load times. Responsive web development will be one of the most crucial aspects of SEO in the coming years.

Continuing the conversation with social media

Everyone and their brother now has a Twitter account, but that doesn’t mean they all know how to use that social media platform. It takes a strategic plan to be able to really reach people effectively via social media marketing. Businesses should use their Facebook and Twitter accounts to entertain questions and feedback from their consumers, because there’s nothing quite like a satisfied customer when it comes to brand loyalty. Plus, good tweets tend to go viral, significantly increasing your company’s public exposure.

To learn more about what an SEO services provider can do for you, contact a local search engine optimization company and request more information. Remember, SEO can put your company in the spotlight, so what are you waiting for? See the kind of visibility the best local companies can get you.

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