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When You Choose a Web Designer, Make Sure They Know SEO

Search engine optimization services, and web design firms are plentiful these days. After all, business is booming online, and new customers can be effectively captured if your blog, social media, and website pull enough traffic. When you build your new website, you may think that the easiest solution involves hiring your web designer, and then once the website is complete, finding the SEO services provider. That is, if you even feel that SEO is necessary. While that strategy works, you may find that once the process is complete you will have wished you did it differently. Consider the following.

    • You will need SEO.

Depending on your business, SEO will be a huge factor in the success of your company. About 70% of all internet search engine users prefer to choose naturally high ranked results. If your competitors are engaging in SEO, they could be found first, cutting you right out of the competition. On the internet there are only three ways that you can hope to drive traffic. You can do it either through paid advertisements, optimizing your website for search engines yourself, or hiring search engine optimization services to do it for you.

However, SEO can get complicated. Do you really have the time to dedicate to learning and implementing SEO for yourself? Do not forget that site optimization will do more than just build your online presence and traffic, it can improve the usability and appearance of your website, resulting in happier internet users, and better chances to grow leads.

    • You can get two in one.

Because website design and development and search engine optimization services are so intertwined, you can find a search engine optimization company with professional web design services, or vise versa. Having both services in the same service provider will likely cut down on your costs, and ensure that your website is optimized right from the start.

It is important to remember that above all else, high quality content is a driving force behind SEO. If Your website shows off your services and products in an engaging way, and if you do quality work, you will already be miles ahead in the game. Do not think that once the website is built and optimized that your work is done.

Meanwhile, poor products and services, poorly represented, and not appropriately marketed, will make the SEO struggle that much harder for you. This is another reason why having your web design and SEO come from the same company can be beneficial. Look for companies that take a holistic approach to website design and site optimization, and you will be happier with the results.