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18 tips to improve your Traffic with SEO and Social Media

Improving your websites ability to draw traffic, especially on a local level is the key to getting your business noticed. You can always use the basic digital marketing methods but in today’s world of technology, the key to gaining new clients and customers is to use the internet and its vast array of tools.

Digital Marketing Trends1. Link All of Your Accounts

Link all of your accounts, even those you may not think will draw much of an audience. These include Foursquare, Instagram, and Pinterest.

2. LiveChats

LiveChats offer clients and potential customers to have their questions answered by someone from the company who can address their concerns and provide them with the information they need.

3. Interactive Video Spots

Include interactive video spots on the website that allow the client to see the videos or demonstrations in whatever order they desire. Allow your clients to use a template to build their ideal item, choosing specific colors and features.

4. Use SEO Phrases Instead of Keywords

Use SEO phrases or long-tail keywords will help to isolate a search, narrowing down the criteria. Include your city and state in these as well. SEO is the key to website traffic rankings, understanding how to use it well is the key to boosting those rankings.

5. Have Share Contests on Facebook

Facebookers can share business pages with their friends as suggestions or recommendations. Create a contest for whoever shares or recommends the most users who actually respond.

6. Know What SocialMarkets Your Target Audience Uses

Get to know your target audience and focus your posts on their favorite social media platform. A marketing strategist can help you determine the exact demographic of your target audience and what platforms they are most likely to frequent.

7. Use the Right Content for Each Platform

Learn what types of content works best on each type of social media platform. Some platforms will work better with blogs and others may do better with videos or slideshows. Digital marketing strategists can help guide you with this type of content.

8. Encourage Readers to Share Your Content and Write a Review

Encourage readers to share your content, photos, and information on as many social media platforms as possible. When the share the content request they write a review to let others know how much liked your company’s product or services.

9. Be Mobile Friendly

Make sure website is mobile friendly. Design an app that is able to be converted to both android and iPhone devices. This makes it so the viewer gets the entire experience. Without an app format, some of your web features may not transfer to mobile devices. Miami Web Design professionals can create an app for almost any website.

10. Post on a Daily Basis

The best way to keep your audience’s attention is to post frequently. Avoid posting trivial things. Make sure each post has substance and offers useful information.

11. Create Unique and Individualized Content

Create content that is unique and individualized to your brand. Include your slogan and draw on the various terms associated with your business.

Use them frequently, especially in SEO settings.

12. Tag Relevant Pages on Facebook

If you offer a service and there are pages for support groups or certain sectors of your demographic target audience, tag those pages in your articles or blogs. Not only will you gain a larger audience, you will also gain verification if the page’s members begin to frequent your page.

13. Encourage Sharing Instead of Liking

When it comes to Facebook posts, liking is fine but sharing is the key to success. Sharing will actually post your page to their newsfeed for all of their friends to see. Liking a page is not so noteworthy and may only show up occasionally.

14. Expand Your Social Media Portfolio to Include Pinterest

Create a Pinterest profile and upload picture sand files frequently. Pinterest posts can be shared across most social media platforms. Once you have a profile you can create folders to keep your posts in categories.

15. Use the Right Size Photos

When uploading photos to any social media platform, make sure you use the right size and number of pixels. Photos that are too small will not transfer and be made bigger. Large photos will not compress and may not fit in the space allowed. Resizing your photos will ensure they transfer completely and as clearly as possible.

16. Schedule Your Posts to Appear at the Right Time

Facebook allows you to schedule posts whenever you want them to appear in your newsfeed. Know when your target audience is the most active and make sure your posts are scheduled during that time period.

17. Create a Group or Forum

Create a group or forum for individuals who are dedicated customers. This would be a place to discuss how a product is used or to collect information on what types of products the group members would like to see in the future.

18. Use Keywords in H2, H3 or Higher Tags

Creating H2, H3 or higher tags is another way of boosting your website rankings, especially if they contain keywords and phrases. If you are going to use keywords in your headlines, using the H2 and larger tags will make them more noticeable and better able to attract attention.

If you are looking for ways to boost your website traffic rankings, sometimes the simplest tips are the most effective.