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10 Reasons Why All Businesses Need SEO

SEO in digital strategies

SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, has been recognized for its overwhelming achievements in digital marketing for all types of businesses and industries. While several companies are aware of its vast capabilities, many benefits remain unseen. These are the 10 Reasons Why businesses need SEO, more than ever:

​1. Main Source of Traffic: Organic Search 

To create more brand visibility and gain more engagement, a business needs to go where all the traffic is: Google. As the most used search engine, businesses have to follow the rules of marketing on Google to be ranked higher in searches.

2. Establishing Trust with Customers 

Trust does not only apply to a customer trusting a business’s product. A customer’s trust also comes from how strong the foundation of the website is. If a website lacks elements such as positive user experiences, machine learning capabilities, and updated content, Google will not view it as a trusting site for customers. This type of trust is one of the long-term goals of SEO.

3. Improving the User Experience 

Google’s ability to determine positive and negative user experience narrows down to whether or not a website can offer what the user is looking for. A website needs to be clear and straight to the point to gain higher rankings. Whether a user experience is positive or not is decided by the number of clicks it takes to find what they need.

4. Increasing Engagement and Traffic Through Local SEO 

Local SEO makes it easier for customers to find small to medium-sized businesses in their area. Bringing in more local customers to a business’s website involves optimizing local listings, citations, and backlinks related to the business’s location.

5. Added Positives to a Business’s Buying Cycle

Customers always do their research to find the best deals and products. For a business to come up in this research, they need to rely on SEO to help send the message out there about any new deals, products, and content. When done correctly, a business will witness a positive change in its buying cycle.

6. New Updates and Upgrades 

SEO is not a one-and-done type strategy. Since this strategy focuses heavily on long-term goals, new updates are required to remain relevant in searches. Monitoring the website and keeping up to date with Google’s search algorithm helps a business’s website stay in the top rankings.

7. Better Understanding of the World Wide Web 

The internet has never been a simple concept to understand. SEO grants businesses an inside look into the constant changes of the internet environment. By maintaining a strong SEO strategy, businesses are able to navigate through these changes and use them to their advantage.

8. No Need to Break the Bank 

All successful digital marketing strategies come at a price. In comparison to all other strategies, SEO results in the highest return on investment. SEO is not viewed as a marketing cost, but rather an investment into a business’s future.

9. Aiming Farther into the Future 

As mentioned already, SEO is a long-term strategy. SEO increases in quality as time moves forward. The goals look farther than a month or a year. The more time and effort going into this strategy is returned with high rewards.

10. Measurable in More Ways Than One 

​A problem some businesses have regarding SEO is how they can track the success of the strategy. SEO does not follow one form of tracking because there are multiple ways to interpret the data and correlations. Rather than viewing this as a problem, businesses should see this as a tool that allows them to piece together the data applicable to their brand. The data behind SEO is already a vast amount of information; once it is narrowed down, businesses will have no problem tracking their progress.

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