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Why These 4 Pages Are Key to Your Website

Algorithms have a curious way of working and at times they can trick us into thinking that all information or content is relevant. But when it comes to website design and content creation it is important to understand that there are certain pages that carry more weight than others. Here are some insights about the most important pages on your website and how they can significantly improve your site.

Home Page

You can consider the home page, the facade of your website, and your business. It is the page that will create the first impression on potential customers. The average person spends 62 seconds viewing a website, therefore every second counts. Avoid placing every single detail about your business on the home page, as it is just the first door to the final destination. It should be user-friendly, easy to navigate and guide the visitor to a call to action.

About Page

This page is critical in letting visitors know who you are, what you do, and why you are special. This is the space to provide more information about your company. A typical about page includes a brief company history, mission or vision statement, team bios, and a few impactful client testimonials.

Blog Page

When it comes to optimizing your website, blogging is the secret. A blog can serve as a more efficient way to rank through keywords. It helps weave storytelling, product mentions, and sign-up links together to pose your product or service as the preferred solution.

Contact Us Page

This page serves as the lead-driver of a website and it’s how businesses make money. The contact page is where future customers decide to take action in learning more about your service. Content for this page may vary depending on your business but it can include a contact form, a phone number, and email address, a calendar scheduler, or an appointment booking app.

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