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What Is Geomarketing And How Can It Benefit Your Small Business?

Location is one of the most important aspects of a business. Where it is located and what the competition around it is like can determine success or failure. This concept applies in marketing, too. You have to decide where to make your “pitch” in order to reach the intended audience, whether that be locally or even internationally.

That’s where “geomarketing” comes in. It’s a term used to describe the global marketing tactics of a business, and it can be an incredibly important tactic to employ in a small business.

What is Geomarketing?

As stated above, geomarketing is the term given to global marketing tactics for businesses. However, the tactics are not so simple. It involves using location data for marketing efforts, analyzing and mapping customers for review, and stockpiling market data to analyze for trends and themes. A good geomarketing campaign will use the data compiled to establish sales territories, organize logistics, and plan new campaigns or business locations.

Where Does This Data Come From?

Customers are the ones who provide this data through search engine optimization (SEO) trends. These are the most popular words or terms being searched for on the web. You can use local searches to your benefit by listing and claiming your business online and making sure it appears under those terms. This allows you to take advantage of local search engine marketing and reviews. According to a 2015 survey by Search Engine Journal, 72% of customers say they trust local businesses with good reviews. That means more business, which means more customer data, and better geomarketing.

How To Use Geomarketing As a Small Business

There are several ways that you can use geomarketing even if you’re not a very large company, including local SEO trends and searches, Google AdWords, and social media. Here are some things you can do to take advantage of these tools:

  • Local SEO Trends
    To ensure the best possible ranking for your website in the local area you need to tell Google your most up-to-date information, including the location, opening hours, and business types. You should also claim your business page and list your name, address, and phone number on every page of the website.
  • Google Adwords
    Local SEO trends will help you get organic rankings for your website, but AdWords can be used to acquire customers through paid searches. Google AdWords can bring additional customers every day, making it worth investigating at the very least. Always assume that your competition is using Google AdWords, because they likely are.
  • Social Media
    Nearly everyone uses social media in some way. Businesses, clients, customers, everyone has either a Facebook or a Twitter account they use, even if rarely. Using social media to get followers, likes, and favorites is a good way to generate free marketing. Share what is happening with your business and the latest news to generate interest.

Geomarketing is one of the most important marketing techniques that your business can employ. Make sure to take advantage of the wealth of information that the internet can provide you, and the tools that are available to you.