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What are the 4 most important pages on your website?

Did you know not all pages on your website have the same importance? Some are more important than others since they help boost your site’s success. Although the importance of pages on a website varies from business to business, here are the four most important or most-visited pages on a website.

1. Home Page

A website’s homepage is the first impression a potential client gets of a business. It’s important to note that the home page is the first step of the journey — not the final destination. Therefore, users will stay on this page for a few seconds before deciding to go further or navigate to another site. The copy, design, and visuals on this page should guide the visitor to their next step, or the call to action. Headings should be big and easy to read, and icons should be stimulating. Use a call to action (CTA) such as “Visit our services page”, or “Get a free quote”. Why is the home page so important? It is where you’ll capture the visitor’s attention and prevent them from leaving.

2. About Page

The about page is where you show what your business is made of. The content typically includes a brief company history, mission or vision statement, team bios, and you can include a few impactful client testimonials. Why is this page important? It gives the user or customer an idea of what you do, what you offer, and what makes you unique. This page helps engage with users on a deeper level. To make this page different from the rest, you can add a short, heartfelt video from the founder.

3. Blog Page

Your blog is where you can distinguish yourself as a thought leader in your field by displaying your knowledge. This will help gain the trust and admiration of your visitors or customers. Also, blogging is an excellent method to optimize a website for keywords related to a business. Make sure to have a blog page that is organized so that users can easily find what they’re looking for. Headings and groupings are essential for this page and so are social media links and share buttons. Why is this page so important? It serves as a more efficient way to weave storytelling, product mentions, and other elements together in order to pose your product or service as the preferred solution, answer potential customer inquiries, give information, and solve problems.

4. Contact Us Page

The contact us page serves as the lead driver of a website For many small businesses. This page is very important as it is where businesses generate leads and revenue. Most contact us pages have a contact form, but you can also have an appointment booking app, a live chat, etc. Make sure to put all the necessary details for customers to reach you (phone number, email, location, social media pages, etc.). Of all four of these pages, the contact us page implies the most detailed level of intent on behalf of the user.

As a website owner, you have to make sure that your site is equipped with all of these four crucial pages. Contact us to learn more about our web design and SEO services to boost your business’s growth.