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Welcome to our new Client “AA Fine Art”: Art Appraisers in Boca Raton

You love art. Your love of art can be expressed by creating phenomenal works of your own or admiring the extraordinary works for others. You can keep the works you created, but obtaining another artist’s piece has more hoops to jump through. How you go about acquiring such works is dependent on certain elements in the process. You found the piece you wish to add to a collection you are building, but how will you know the true value of the work? Once it is in your collection, how can you care for it or insure it? These questions can come up when you are walking around an art gallery, an antique show, or possibly when you receive an artistic inheritance. If you have yet answered these questions, then AA Fine Art can answer them for you. 

Who They Are

AA Fine Art is a full-service appraisal and art collection management company that offers legal appraisers of fine art, antiques, and decorative arts for single works or entire collections. Certified with the Appraisers Association of America, their appraisers are ones you know you can trust to provide all their clients with comprehensive and accredited fine and decorative art appraisals. Again, they offer appraisals for single works and/or for your entire collection. Your collection does not have to only be fine art. Your collection can be furniture, antiques, collectibles or decorative accents. AA Fine Art specializes in a variety of mediums that expands across numerous monumental art movements. The other portion of their services is collection management. Whether your collection is personal, for business, or private, AA Fine Art will accommodate to you and will be the one to handle the restoration, framing, and/or storage. If you wonder about the value of your collection or piece, then you will not have to wonder long with their full valuation services. These services are designed to assist clients in tax planning, charitable contribution, insurance coverage and claims, asset management, loan collateral, estate planning, and equitable distribution. If you have questions circling your head on how to acquire, care for, and pass on your collection, then AA Fine Art is the answer to all of them.

​What Are We Doing For Them

At Ibis Studio, we treat every client as if they were a rare work of art. Every piece in our collection of magnificent clientele requires services that cater specifically to their needs. For AA Fine Art, Ibis is ready to bring them the finest web design and digital marketing services. Each website our design team creates is a work of art. They made AA Fine Art’s website a masterpiece with a thoroughly planned UX/UI design that allows clients and prospective clients to easily navigate the website and read through their services. If you are looking for an estimate on a single piece or collection, the website has a page for you to fill out an application about you and the work/works then upload images with the application before submission. The remaining marketing services we combined for AA Fine Art is our SEO and social media services. We want anyone who is searching for art appraisers to find AA Fine Art. For this reason, we created and managed social media campaigns on numerous platforms that match our clients’ artistic eye. We also utilized keywords/phrases to attract and target organic traffic to the website while checking pivotal fields that are updated using our local geomarketing tools. All of the services we provide to our clients are strategized works of art, and Ibis Studio is happy to be the artist for AA Fine Art’s digital future.

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