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How to create a practical and profitable Social Media Marketing strategy for your business

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Small Business Owner

Social media marketing is one of the cheapest and most successful methods of driving traffic to your business both online and offline. Whether you are already a social media butterfly or new to social media, you can easily start your own marketing for free to get your feet wet. Once you get a feel for how social media marketing works for your business, you can hire a social media agency in Miami to help you become more effective and efficient in how you market.

Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is similar to other marketing channels in that it drives traffic, conversions, and sales to your website or brick-and-mortar store. Although social media allows you to connect with people in a different manner than traditional marketing, the goal of reaching more qualified prospects and engaging customers is still the same. You can see marketing and branding at work on just about every social media site. It is a fallacy to think that social media is not about sales.

Optimize Your Strategy for Asset Building


social media targetingBefore you take the step of setting up one or more social media accounts, you need to determine your goals and strategy.

While you may not be able to market for sales directly, you can create campaigns to build an email list or send people to your landing page. Use a system with good analytics to track your social media response and engagement in order to tweak it for better ROI.

Some companies use their marketing automation system to help schedule their social media marketing posts.


Don’t Try Too Many Sites at One Time


Start slowly and don’t spread yourself too thin. It is better to focus on one or two social media sites at first and learn them well.

Unless you have a huge budget for social media marketing, you will not be able to give the time to a lot of accounts at once. Narrow down the list of popular social media platforms to where you can find your target audience.

Facebook is the largest social media site, but not all demographics use it regularly. Other popular sites are Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Each site has its own demographic and personality.


Focus on Quality


Like content marketing, social media marketing works best with excellent content. It is better to post less frequently with better content than often with poor content.

Take the time to think about your branding, the message you are sending, and where you want your audience to go. Link back to a variety of articles, images, and videos that will interest your audience. Share information that is important to them. Share links to your own blog or products, but also to other content that is helpful to your specific audience. If you just post links to your own site exclusively, your followers may feel like they are being spammed.


Get to Know Your Promotional Tools


Each site has useful promotional tools for marketers. Get to know them well and how you can use them to reach your audience.

Facebook has a very developed advertising program with good features for reaching a specific demographic. You can also combine sites for your campaigns in several ways, including posting on one site about an opportunity on another.

As you get to learn how to use social media to market your company, you will find that it is an affordable way to find new customers in a fun and interactive manner.