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Social Media Marketing: How to Master the Instagram Algorithm & Get Your Posts Noticed

Is your business making the most of Instagram marketing? If you haven’t mastered this photo-sharing app’s latest algorithm, the answer is probably no. Because Instagram is so popular and simple, it’s an invaluable tool for any social media marketing or digital marketing agency. However, your Instagram activity will only translate into real-life dollars if it’s visible, popular, and effective at luring new customers.

So, how do you prevent your Instagram posts from becoming duds? Start by learning the factors that Instagram uses to decide which posts should be on top of your followers’ feeds. Here are some of the key ingredients in the not-so-magic formula to Instagram success:

What You (& Your Followers) Share

Direct sharing on Instagram is easier than ever, and the new algorithm definitely cares how many times each post is shared. Encourage your followers to share and share your posts on other social media accounts too.

How Engaging Your Posts Are

Popularity isn’t limited to number of “likes” on a post. Engagement is actually the main goal, so Instagram considers a variety of different types of engagement. How many people watch the videos or view the stories you post? How many times are your posts saved so that people can reference valuable information later?

Accounts that You Interact With

Both you and your followers see more posts from the people and businesses with which you actually interact. Encourage more interaction by including clear links with every call-to-action, tagging relevant businesses and products, and commenting on other accounts. Engaging with others is one of the most vital social media marketing strategies because it creates a personal connection with customers.

Whether Your Posts are Relevant

Get to know your target demographic, especially the people who already follow your account. Instagram tries to deliver posts that are relevant to each user’s interests, and they take previous activity into account. Use color and casual language to make a quick connection with people so that your posts appear again.

When You Post

Instagram users want to see new content, so “fresh” and recent posts will be more visible in their feeds now. Make sure you’re posting when your target demographic is likely to be using their phones. For many, the best time is a weekday morning or afternoon when people are killing time between work obligations.

Of course, posting regularly and choosing high-quality, valuable, eye-catching content should still be your goal every step of the way. So, how will your business use the Instagram algorithm to your advantage?