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Poor SEO Marketing Results? Your Website May Be the Problem

Does your business need a new website design?

This can be one of the hardest questions to answer, since maintaining a strong web presence is incredibly important for SEO marketing success in the Digital Age, but the cost of many web design and branding services is often too high for small businesses to manage unless it’s going to be a long-term investment.

Here are a few things you can ask yourself when you’re assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your website design:

  1. Does the website include mobile search engine optimization? If you haven’t created separate web design templates specifically optimized for use on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, then you definitely need to take another look at your website! Keep in mind that a mobile web design is going to be different from the traditional template — not just the same layout on a shrunken scale — but it could end up bringing in the majority of your sales revenue. Today, at least 50% of mobile phone users cite their smartphone as their primary source for accessing the internet, and 67% of American consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service if the business has a good mobile website.
  2. Are you seeing conversions? It doesn’t matter what you consider to be a “conversion” — maybe it’s a signup for your weekly emails, or maybe it’s a transaction. However you measure conversions, it’s important that your search engine marketing strategy is geared toward maximizing conversions. Many businesses and SEO marketing companies use Google tools, like Adwords and Analytics, to help map out conversion metrics.
  3. Is your website appearing on relevant search results? If you Google a keyword that you think your customers are using, does your business’s website come up on the first page of results? If you aren’t seeing your business pop up, then neither are your potential customers! A good SEO marketing strategy depends on a high search results ranking — and considering how often Google releases algorithm updates, it’s essential to keep improving your website in order to get a good ranking.

Lastly, just consider this: it takes a consumer no longer than 50 milliseconds — .05 seconds — to look at a website and decide if the business looks trustworthy. So, does your website really reflect the quality of your business?