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Mobilegeddon Is Here

Search engine optimization firms and Web design companies alike aren’t exactly being subtle. Google’s latest update, rolled out on April 21, has been called anything from the “Mobile-apocalypse” to “Mobilegeddon.” When it comes down to it, though, these descriptors may be a tad dramatic. Here are just a few reasons Google’s recent update is not the end of the world:

Google Is Only Trying to Help You
Okay, yes: Google is forcing your hand. Google is giving you a very clear choice: update and optimize webpages for mobile compatibility or watch your search ranking suffer. Even so, it’s not as caustic as some might think. Companies may have tight budgets, but converting to mobile pages is an increasingly necessary measure — especially as hybrid tablet PCs, tablets, and smartphones begin to replace laptops and desktops. These hard truths remain: 1. Shoppers are 67% more likely to purchase from businesses with an easy-to-navigate mobile site, 2. Wholly 62% of companies say sales increased after optimizing a site for mobile, and 3. 64% say sales spiked when they increased ease of navigation and readability for tablet users. With these important figures in mind, Google is pushing the issue — but it will only help companies in long-run.

The Definition Of “Internet Presence” Is Changing
Just a few months ago and certainly a year ago, just about any company could have a respectable “Internet presence” with just a company website, a few somewhat active social media accounts, and up-to-date contact information. That’s no longer true. Half of all smartphone users favor their device as their number one Internet source — and that means that, without mobile-friendly navigation, you are excluding a lot of potential customers. What’s more, more customers are searching on the go as they look for places to eat or make purchases in-route. For these customers, you won’t appear as if you have a presence at all without an optimized mobile site.

Don’t fear “Mobilegeddon.” View it as an opportunity. Mobile viewing is taking over, and Google, rightly, is responding to that. Do your company and your sales a favor by getting onboard — and optimizing pages and SEO services for mobile.