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IBIS Studio to handle the Social Media Presence of Italian Luxury Powerhouse Effacto in the US Market



We are proud to announce that our company has been selected to manage all the digital marketing efforts of Italian Luxury Lifestyle brand, Effacto in the United States.

The scope of the campaign includes the creation of brand awareness in all the major social media channels, reputation management and online positioning in Google Organic Search and Adwords advertising.

Ef+facto is a dream.
A wonderful dream of beauty, art and style.

In an era marked by massification, globalization and the mystification of the individual, ef+facto bet on the irresistible lightness of being inherent in each of us.

And it does so in its full Italian character, looking to the future with the awareness of its roots.

Effacto presence in the Academy Awards

We would like to thank the board of directors of Effacto in Turin, Italy for trusting IBIS Studio as the only Digital Marketing Agency to manage their brand consolidation in the US market.