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Have a Business? Here’s Why You NEED a Website


Business owners lead busy lives, so it may be hard to fathom adding another thing to their plate. But in order for a business to be successful in the 21st century, it needs a steady stream of new clients and customers. And in the digital era, it’s hard to generate this steady lead flow without a solid online presence.

Even though you might think that you don’t have the time to worry about a website, you probably can’t afford to lose business to the competition either. There are so many reasons why websites are crucial, so let’s take a look at three of them.

Online Shopping Is on the Rise
Brick and mortar stores are closing at a rapid rate. Consumers often turn to shopping online because it’s convenient, quick, and easy, which is just one reason why it’s important to have a website. If you can sell your product on your website, you’re opening the doors to a completely new revenue stream. You can even use your website and social media accounts (if you have them) to promote various sales and promotions. According to the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, nearly two-thirds of marketers cite Facebook as the most important social platform. However, a viable online presence should always start with a quality website.

First Impressions Are Real
If someone sees that you don’t have a website, or have one with a bad design, they might not even visit your business at all. You don’t have to sell your products or services online to benefit from a website and generate leads. Today, consumers of all ages research local businesses online before visiting them in person. If they don’t like what they see, your potential customers might not find your shop worthy of a visit.

No Website? You’re Risking Losing Business
If you don’t have a website, then every customer who researches your products or services online will end up finding a competitor’s website instead. Because websites are so ubiquitous, you should assume that all of your direct competitors have a thriving online marketing strategy. Without a website of your own to compete, you’re already falling behind.

It’s understandable that as a business owner, time is of the essence. However, make time for your website, as it’s an important tool for gaining traffic and revenue.