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Five Common Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

best web designDesigning and building a website is the key to any Internet marketing plan. Regardless of the other marketing tactics you’re using; search engine marketing, social media marketing,etc.; it all leads back to your website. So you need to make sure your website looks good and is easy-to-use. Cheap web design is not going to guarantee a professional-looking website that customers are going to want to return to.

However, the best web designers know the ins and outs of designing a website. The key to business web design is not to look cool, but to solve the customer’s problem. Web designers know this, and know how to make your website stand out, and get the job done.

Sadly, not everyone knows this, and there are a lot of common web design mistakes out there. Check out some of these common mistakes:

Common Web Design Mistakes

  • No Contrast – Contrast is what makes a website easy to read. Too many websites use light grey text on a white background, which is very difficult to read.

  • Unclear Navigation – People have visited your website for a reason, and they are probably trying to find some information. But if your site’s navigation makes it too difficult for them to find that information, then they will go elsewhere.

  • Flash – Flash can be interesting, if appropriate and well-executed, but odds are, your business’s website does not require the use of such things. Instead it will only serve as a distraction that will slow your site’s loading time. Keep in mind that most users will only wait a few seconds for a site to load, and will not visit it again if it takes too long.

  • Clutter – Animation, counters, sideways scrolling, multiple frame scroll bars: get rid of them. They’re just cluttering up your page and not serving any purpose.

  • Unclear Intention – Someone should be able to figure out what your website and organization are about within five seconds of landing on your homepage. If they can’t figure it out from a quick skim, your design is all wrong.

These mistakes are all-too-common, and making even one of them manages to make a good website look unprofessional. This is why it is so important to hire the best web designers to help design your business’s website, and make it look appealing to potential customers. The best web design is done by professionals.

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