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Do business reviews really matter?

When a business begins to get customers, some of those customers will go on to leave either a positive or negative review. Some business owners shrug off those negative reviews, while others make sure to respond and do everything they can to make the customer happy. It leads to the question, do business reviews really matter? Let’s review this subject in more detail.

Building customer trust

According to Search Engine Journal, 72% of customers say that positive reviews make them more likely to trust a company. This means that negative reviews can make customers view a business as distrustful. Not only do business reviews matter, but they can make or break a business and its reputation.

This is especially true in businesses that involve children. Parents search for businesses they can trust with their children, making business reviews a crucial element in marketing for private schools.

Addressing negative business reviews

Regardless of how great a business is, there is bound to be a customer that leaves a negative review every now and then. Responding to these reviews is crucial to ensure all customers are happy and their needs are communicated professionally.

When addressing negative business reviews, it’s vital that businesses are friendly towards dissatisfied customers. In response to reviews, businesses can encourage customers to contact them directly. It’s helpful to state a solution in the response, too. For example, it’s a great idea to tell a disgruntled customer that an employee no longer works at a location or that management will have a meeting with them. This makes customers feel validated and shows them that you care.

Responding to online reviews

It’s essential to respond to online reviews with an online comment. When potential customers view reviews, they’ll also view a business’s response to them. This is your chance to show customers that you care and are willing to work with them if a problem arises.

Including online reviews in marketing for private schools

It’s essential for private schools to build trust with parents. Instead of responding to negative reviews with a generic response that encourages communication, respond with long messages. Validate the customer’s concerns and mention a solution in an online response. This will show future customers that you are attentive.

Responding to online reviews should be critical when it comes to marketing for private schools. Online reviews should be researched with appropriate responses administered daily with the help of a professional marketing company. Contact IBIS Studio today to learn more!


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