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Chinese Photographer Captures Images Of People With Everything They’ve Bought Online

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How effective are search engine optimization firms, Web design services, and e-commerce ventures? Photographer Huang Qingjun’s new, one-of-a-kind project may put the success of Internet marketing and online sales into perspective unlike anything else. Qingjun is asking people in China to pose with all of the items they have ever bought on the Web. Of course, in densely populated areas, the results are fairly predictable: individuals or families posing in front of their homes with mountains of stuff, sometimes with so many things that the entire haul can barely fit into the picture. Photographs from remote areas, while containing fewer items, are still a testament to the popularity of the Internet and, more specifically, online shopping — whether it’s from a desktop computer or a mobile device.

Qingjun is hardly the only one to notice the overwhelming success of e-commerce. In fact, after optimizing webpages for mobile viewing, 62% experienced an increase in sales across all mobile devices and 64% noted a spike in sales on tablets. With the undeniable success of online sales, only one question remains: What factors influence consumers purchasing decisions online?

Does It All Come Down To Customer Reviews?
Word-of-mouth is still important, with a whopping 81% revealing that friends have influenced their purchases. However, when consumers do not have friends or family members with first-hand reviews of a product, they turn to the next best thing: online customer reviews. What does that mean? The best SEO services and Internet marketing companies make an effort to manage all aspects of online sales, and that means responding to customer reviews when necessary and addressing customer concerns quickly and sympathetically.

Don’t Overlook Web Design And Branding Services
How important is Web design? Let’s look at a few stats: Over 94% of consumers who ultimately do not trust or purchase from a particular company cite “poor Web design” as the reason, and another 48% say Web design is the number one factor when they are forming an opinion of a new company.

For the best possible results, Web design and branding services need to encompass everything — from initial Web design to customer review and social media management.

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