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Beware of New Google Pay-Per-Click Rules

Google Pay-Per-Click Rules: Google frequently makes changes to its PPC platform and you want to stay on top of them so you can make the right choices for your campaigns.

Google recently announced “new matching behavior for phrase and exact match keywords.” Starting in mid-May, exact and phrase match keywords will “match close variants, including misspellings, singular/plural forms, stemmings, accents and abbreviations.”

Google has also made a change to the ad rotation settings. After 30 days, Google will run only your ad with the highest clicks. The ad with the most clicks may not necessarily be the ad that brings the highest quality traffic to your site. An ad that Google takes out of rotation may be your most profitable ad. Google will make more money from the higher clicks, but you may not.

If you’re running an Adwords campaign, be aware of the Google Pay-Per-Click Rules, these changes and take the extra steps to be in control of your campaign. Better yet, leave PPC to the professionals—US! Our PPC analysts are Google Adwords Certified and it’s their job to keep on top of the latest changes and configure the settings to make the most of your budget.