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Better Web Writing: Avoid These 5 Content Marketing Fails

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Studies show that content marketing can lead to an estimated 40% increase in revenue for a company. In fact, content creation is one of the most effective ways to market a brand. Unfortunately, like so many things in life, this is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of things can go wrong when developing content for a website, blog, or other online platform. Below you will learn about five content marketing mistakes to avoid.

Five Content Creation Fails

  1. Failing to establish a purpose.
    When you are running a business, you need a strategy. Content creation for online branding is no exception. The first part of your strategy involves determining your purpose. Ask yourself the following questions:

    • What do you plan to achieve through content marketing?
    • Are you trying to build brand awareness?
    • Are you trying to generate more leads?
    • Are you trying to increase customer loyalty?

    Too often, marketers fail to ask these questions ahead of time, causing them to make any number of critical mistakes. What you write and how you write it will depend upon the answers to the above questions.

  2. Failing to document a content marketing plan.
    Again, having a strategy is key to good marketing. You can’t just “play it by ear” when it comes to business. In reality, more than half of the most effective marketers document their plans so that they have a roadmap for the journey ahead.
  3. Failing to use search engine optimization.
    If you don’t have an SEO strategy, your content marketing efforts will be worthless. In order for your audience to read your content, they have to find it first. Since most online experiences begin with a search engine, your content must be optimized for high search engine rankings. As much as 60% of all organic clicks on Google go to the top three search results.
  4. Failing to write quality content.
    Optimizing your content for search engines does not mean sacrificing writing quality, however. Some brands make the mistake of focusing all their efforts on including keywords that attract search engines; as a result, the content is boring, irrelevant, or poorly written. This not only causes their audience to lose interest, but these days it’s a no-no in the eyes of search engines, too.
  5. Failing to produce enough content.
    On the flipside, some marketers focus too heavily on writing quality content, failing to publish enough posts to make a significant impact. The frequency at which you publish content is just as important as the content itself. According to Hubspot, websites that produce upwards of 16 posts each month receive more than three times as much traffic as sites that publish fewer than five.

Falling into any of the above content creation traps can be fatal for your business’s marketing strategy. If you have any questions or additional advice, feel free to post in the comments section below.