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An Online Marketing Dream Come True

A new Facebook insights product called “Topic Data” will soon be available to a select group of marketers. Topic Data will show marketers what audiences are saying on Facebook about events, brands, subjects and activities.

   The soon to be launched Facebook Ad campaign  will help with certain Online Marketing and allow companies be able to target their demographic better than ever. This new Facebook Ad’s tool is pushing a new route of marketing and social media campaign that could help usher in a new process of audience targeting.

  With the new “Topic Data” development, the user will be able to create a study of different topics, and ongoing buzz generated by a national or international audience. This feature is targeted at studying the ongoing development/interest that is being discussed and allowing these businesses to use the information collected to create new and direct marketing and social media campaigns.

   According to WSJ: Facebook for the first time is promising insights companies can use to develop products or decide which audiences to target. A business marketing a hair-de-frizzing product might use Topic Data to see demographic information about people discussing humidity’s effects on their hair. The company might use that information to improve marketing campaigns on Facebook or TV, or to identify potential customers they hadn’t previously considered.

Facebook plans to “iterate on Topic Data thoughtfully and deliberately, and look to expand its availability at a later date.”

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