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A Brief Intro to SEO Best Practices

Did you know that according to data collected in 2015 from Business2Community, U.S. marketers will spend over $103 billion by 2019 on email, social media, display, and search engine marketing? This will reflect a growth of 12% each year. One of the most important digital marketing techniques is Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO.

Yet even as digital marketing becomes more popular, many small businesses are still unfamiliar with SEO. So what exactly is this digital marketing technique all about?

SEO: Search Results And Who Sees Them
The entire reason for search engine optimization is to get your company’s website to the top of the search results. Google, or any search engine that’s widely used, has a series of algorithms that generate the most relevant results for a particular search query. When people search for things online, Google decides in an instant what it thinks is the most important result; however, only 10 websites will appear on the first page of results. Google is now so sophisticated that most users never have to click to the second page.

As a result, there is fierce competition among businesses to appear in the first 10 results for important keywords. SEO marketers are always looking for the best SEO techniques to make this happen, and we know some of the things Google’s algorithm likes to see in business websites.

For example, here are some of the known ranking factors:

  • Quality Content
  • Backlinks
  • Onsite Optimization

These are just three out of hundreds of ranking factors, but they are some of the most important. Quality content refers to the length and sophistication of the content across a given website, as well as how informative and relevant it is to the topic. Backlinks are external websites that link to your website as a cited source. If these websites are rated highly and they link to your content, your website gets a boost. From Google’s perspective, each link to your website is like a vote. Onsite Optimization is an umbrella category that refers to the way your website is optimized for Google. This category includes how quickly your website loads, how often important keywords appear in your web copy, title tags, and meta tags, as well as many other web design strategies.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important forms of digital marketing and can help your company grow in the digital age. If your company is based in Miami, contact us and we’ll help you optimize your first digital marketing campaign.