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3 Things Your Website Needs to Pass the Blink Test

The blink-test is how you determine if your website is enticing enough to get viewers to stay on the page. In short, if your viewers stay on your page after three to five seconds (the blink), then you pass the test. A pass means whatever you did with your website works. A fail means that you’re doing something wrong and not pulling the visitor in. Not surprisingly, 48% of people stated that web design was the number one consideration in deciding the credibility of the company.

In order to pass the blink-test, you’ll need to make sure your website does a few things first.

The headline

Does your webpage have a clear and concise headline that tells the viewer as much about you as possible in the least amount of words? Is it informative enough that the viewer understands your company immediately? A headline is an important aspect of your website and if a viewer reaches your page and isn’t sure what business they’re looking at or what it is that you do, you will certainly fail the blink test.

The proposition

Your proposition is your website mission statement of sorts. Essentially, it’s a short sentence that tells the viewer what they can get out of your product or services. It should be enticing but not overly complex or wordy. A good proposition will make viewers want to stay on your page to check out your products.

The images

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Images take much less time for a viewer to process, so it’s imperative to have images that complement your text and convey the overall message you’re trying to send.

If you have content that’s about landscaping, for instance, you wouldn’t want to have a picture of balloons. Moreover, the more specific your picture is in regards to your product or services the better. If you’re a landscaper with a long list of products and services, a picture of grass might not convey your message as well as a picture of a perfectly manicured landscape with flower gardens and rock walls. Bad pictures mean you fail the blink test.

Consulting with a web design company could vastly improve your chances of passing the blink test. You can find one by searching for something like “website design Miami” or “web design firm in Miami.” However, if you’re looking for a website design Miami can count on, it’s from Ibis Studios. Give us a call today.